You guys! I just finished my first year of grad school! Wha? 

It feels supremely weird to be on a school schedule at the age of 37, but I am not complaining. I am taking full advantage of it and heading back to New England: to my dear friends, to my family, my son, and the A-Frame. I will meet one of my best friend's yet-to-be-born baby (his timing is perfect), jump out of an airplane with Zane and some friends, be with my grandmother as she turns 96, eat lots and lots of soft serve ice cream, and watch lots and lots of Red Sox baseball. Matthew is joining me for a month and we've got plans for the Cape, Maine, New York, and tons of New Hampshire, where I will turn 38.

I am insanely excited to get back to the A-Frame. If you know me you know that I will stay up all night painting, carry couches up stairs alone, and teach myself minor carpentry in the middle of the night in order to finish an interior project. When I get going it's incredibly hard for me to stop. The A-Frame doesn't allow for that kind of obsessive work; our rhythm with it is fits and starts, seasonal, and severely financially restrained. Having to wait all winter to begin work is a kind of bizarrely pleasureable form of torture for a person like me. I am as excited to work on the A-Frame as I am to see my friends - does that make me a terrible person?

This summer's big project is the kitchen. I've got to raise the sink somehow, paint it, and hook up the gravity fed bucket of water in the loft to the faucets. Then we'll tackle the space by the stove. I'm wondering if I should just get some Ikea cabinets or if I should get all crafty with my dad and put something together made out of what's around. I'll let you know either way!

summer kitchen.jpg
summer kitchen2.jpg
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